Frequently Asked Questions

Mulch Questions

How much mulch do I need?
One yard of mulch will cover 100 square feet three inches deep. The easiest way to figure out how many yards you need is to figure out how many square feet you are trying to cover and divide that number by 100 and the answer is the number of yards you will need. Use our Mulch Calculator.

Example: An area 50 ft by 4 ft is 200 sq.ft./200 sq.ft. Divided by 100=2 or 2 yards.

What is an organic mulch?
Using an organic mulch can...

  • Reduce weed growth and thereby save the gardener many hours of laborious weeding.
  • Maintain uniform moisture conditions in the garden by decreasing water loss through evaporation and decreasing soil erosion caused by heavy rainfall. Moisture retention means less watering and more water conservation.  
  • Organic mulches add nutrients and humus to the soil as they decompose, improving its tilth and moisture-holding capacity.

What are colored wood mulches?
Smith Bros. uses clean slab wood not recycled pallets to make its colored wood mulch. Wood is ground twice and put through the coloring machine. Colored wood mulches come in black, brown, red and gold. All coloring is done on sight in our yard.

What kind of dye is used to color mulch and will it harm my plants or my pets?
The dye used to color wood mulches is totally organic. The primary ingredients in the dye pigments are also used in cosmetics and food packaging. It will not harm plants or pets.

Delivery & Website Tools Questions

How long do I have to wait for mulch delivery?
Mulch can be delivered the same day it is ordered. We do ask that you try and order 24 hours in advance so that we can better accommodate your schedule.

Can I get two products delivered at the same time?
We do have delivery trucks that can hold more than one product at a time. Please ask when you are ordering and we will let you know if there are any delivery charges or weight restrictions.

Are there step by step instructions to landscaping with mulch properly?
We have provided the following step by step instructions to insure you are landscaping with mulch properly.

Does Smith Brothers sell anything besides mulch?
Smith Bros. also sells gravel, decorative stone and sand. We also carry a full line of pet foods.

Animal Feed & Bedding Questions

What animal feeds can I buy from Smith Brothers?
We carry feed for dogs, cats, horses, Llamas and Alpacas and chickens.

In addition to animal feed, what other products does Smith Bros. sell that will help me take care of my animals?
Smith Bros. is your source not only for a wide range of animal feeds, but also for sawdust and other animal-safe products for use such as horse bedding or in cages and stalls.