Mulch Calculator

Step #1: Measure your beds.

If your beds have irregular shapes, simply draw approximate boxes around each bed to estimate the amount of mulch you need.

Mulch Calculator Rectancular Beds Mulch Calculator Circular Beds

Step #2: Fill in the measurements of a bed in our calculator, then click the Calculate Mulch button.

The calculator will show you how much mulch you need for that bed..

How Deep Should My Mulch Beds Be?

We recommend you apply mulch the first time to 3-4 inches deep, and reapply each year 2-3 inches deep. If you have previously used a mulch with a higher wood content (i.e. cypress, economy, or a dyed product), it may be necessary to remove the old wood debris before applying new mulch.

Rectangular Bed

Length (feet) Width (feet) Mulch Depth (inches)
Mulch Needed for
this Rectangular Bed

Circular Bed

Diameter (feet) Mulch Depth (inches)
Mulch Needed for this Circular Bed

What Kind of Truck Do I Need to Transport the Mulch?

Refer to the truck chart below.

mulch delivery trucks