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Step by Step - Landscaping with Mulch

Smith Brothers Original Bark Mulch

Timber Ridge® Black

Grandscape® Black Bark Mulch

Hardwood Woodchips

Smith Brothers Original Triple Processed Bark Mulch

Timber Ridge® Brown

Grandscape® Brown

Playground Cushion

Nature's Blend Nature's Blend Hardwood Mulch

Timber Ridge® Gold

Grandscape® Black Triple

Pine Nuggets

Cypress Mulch

Timber Ridge® Red

Grandscape® Brown Triple

Sweet Peet Compost

Stone & Gravel

Boulders & Landscape Rock

Autumn Red Rocks

Aztec Stone



Grey Slate Rocks

Kewanee Creek Skippers 1"-3"

River Gravel

Wall Stone

Kewanee Creek Skippers 4"-7"

Black Lava Rocks



Red Lava Rocks

Meramec Stone

Blue Brown 2" Wall Stone

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Tuscan Sun Stone

Colonial Wall Stone

Western Sunrise

White Marble

Topsoil, Sweet Soil, Fill Dirt

Topsoil Info

Smith's Sweet Soil

Fill Dirt

Compost, Leaf Humus, Sweet Peet

Leaf Humus

Nature's Treasure Compost

Mushroom Compost

Bulk Ordering & Delivery

Animal Bedding

Green Waste Recycling

Winter Supplies - Fire Wood, Rock Salt


Fire Wood Blocks - 1/6 Cord

Fire Wood - 1/3 Cord

Rock Salt - 50 lb bag

Animal Feed

Feed for Dogs, Cats, & Small Pets

Bird Seeds

Horse Feed


Llama, Alpaca, Goat, and Pig Feed

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