Landscape Material Calculator

All of our bulk materials are sold by the cubic yard. This calculator can be used to calculate the amount of material you need based on the size of the area that it will be applied and the desired installation depth. This calculator will work for any of our bulk materials: mulch, soil, and stone.

Step #1:

Measure your beds. If your beds have irregular shapes, simply draw approximate boxes around each bed to estimate the amount of product you need.

Step #2:

Fill in the measurements of a bed in our calculator, then click the Calculate Product button. The calculator will show you how much product you need for that bed.

How Deep Should My Mulch Beds Be?
We would recommend you apply the mulch the first time to 3-4 inches deep and reapply each year 2-3 inches deep. Applying mulch at these depths helps with weed control and moisture retention.

What Kind of Truck Do I Need to Transport the Mulch?
Refer to the truck chart.