Ordering & Delivery

Smith Bros. delivers mulch, stone, soil, and other landscaping products both bulk and bagged Monday through Saturday and seasonally on Sundays (see contact information for details). We offer prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable delivery service, with most deliveries capable of being fulfilled by the end of business the following day!

We also offer same-day pickup at a discounted wholesale price at all of our locations, no appointment necessary. Our friendly staff will load both bulk and bagged products into your vehicle. When picking up products in bulk, the amount of product one can fit in a vehicle depends on the size of the vehicle itself and the weight of the product. Most pick-up trucks can haul roughly 2 yards of mulch, and ½-1 yard of stone. Please contact our office for details.

One yard of product will cover a 10 foot x 10 foot area at 3 inches deep. Once you know the dimensions of the area you are trying to cover, please refer to our convenient mulch calculator. For new mulch, we recommend mulching three inches in depth.

Below is a visual example of the type of truck that may deliver your order, depending on the quantity you need. Please note that residential deliveries of 40 yards or more will not be brought in our largest truck/ semi.